Annual Maintenance Program

Over the years, we at Atlantic Home Services have noticed that a large majority of our service calls could have been avoided with a little preventative maintenance.

Dryer elements and thermal fuses typically fail due to the overheating.  Overheating is caused by lint build up within the machine and the vent pipe leading to the outdoors.  This lint build up is the number one cause of dryer fires in America.  Restricted airflow from your dryer also has a huge effect on its drying efficiency.  This lack of efficiency can increase your drying time and power bill by as much as 20%.

Debris build up (dust, animal hair) under and behind your refrigerator will also restrict the cooling airflow needed to cool your compressor and make it run efficiently.  A compressor failure is typically not cost effective to repair, leading to the purchase of a new refrigerator.  Operating efficiently also leads to less power consumption, again, saving you money.

Clogged water filters in your washer and refrigerator will lead to poor water flow to the pumps causing them to work harder, thus shortening their working life.

A clogged filter in your microwave has the same restricting effect on the fan motor making it work harder and shortening its working life.

These are just a few of the things that can go wrong and with this in mind, Atlantic Home Services is offering a multi-level maintenance program.  We feel that with a little preventative maintenance you can:


  1.  Increase the life of your appliances.
  2.  Maximize the efficiency of your appliances (maintenance plan can pay for itself with savings on energy bill)
  3.  Minimize costly repairs.
  4.  Help protect your home and family from some of the leading causes of house fires and accidental electrocution.
  5. Install Drysafer Dryer Lint Alarm (+ parts)